AG&M Embraces Growth with New Site

Our longtime client, Architectural Granite and Marble (AG&M) has experienced strong and steady growth since we were first engaged as their marketing partner back in 2007. Currently one of the leaders in natural stone supply, AG&M now has seven locations nationwide and big plans for the future.

As the company works to engage more markets and create more traffic to their showrooms, Aha jumped in to create a new website that works to replicate the showroom experience while converting visitors to in-store customers. AG&M’s new website leads visitors to the company’s extensive product line where they receive a mini in-store experience. The Product section is built around easy-to-navigate categories that allow users to sort and select the materials they are interested in and it includes a built-in a tool that suggests other slabs and products for investigation based on their behavior on the site.

An online store was added to give existing customers an easy and convenient way to order care and use products online.  Since the new site was launched in mid-December 2011, over 500 users have visited the online store.

The entire site is mobile and tablet friendly and provides a myriad of features and functionality designed to increase online product sales, inquiries and visits to AG&M’s luxurious showrooms including:

• Interactive slab gallery with user prompts
• Home page video that tells AG&M’s story
• Find a Store feature with the latest Google map technology
• Social Sharing
• Online store
• Global Social Bar

The results speak for themselves. In the short time since the new site was launched, monthly traffic has increased by nearly 1,000 visits and the time spent on the site has increased by 15%. Last month the new site had 3,155 visits which is an increase of 170% over January 2011. Best of all there were 1,875 visits to the Contact page where visitors go to Find a Store.